Boxing Along the Beltway: Green stops Womack in Round 1

In another six-rounder, “The Young General” Ian Green of Paterson, NJ scored an easy first-round knockout over Kevin “The Scarecrow” Womack of Baltimore, MD. Green used a counter right hand to drop Womack to his knees. Womack stayed on his knees for the entire 10-count. Green is now 11-1, nine KO’s while Womack drops to 7-14-3, five KO’s.

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Ian Green Helps Youth Boxing in Paterson, NJ

On July 17, 2015, “Young General” Ian Green spent the afternoon working with the youth of Paterson, NJ helping them to develop their boxing skills.  This is a regular occurrence for Green, 21, who resides in Paterson.  Green states “Two things I’m passionate about — the sport of boxing and my hometown of Paterson, NJ.  If I can help the next generation of boxers from this great city then I’m all about it.”  See clips below for an inside look at Ian’s gym and the work he’s done with the youth in Paterson.

Ian Green is now 5-0 with 4 KOs and is looking towards his next bout in late July.  Follow Ian on Twitter (@iangreen93) and Instagram (@abouttgreen).

Ian Green helps out a youth boxer from Paterson, NJ.

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Ian Green working with the youth of Paterson, NJ.

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Young General Marches On

IMG_5656Jun 3, 2015 – (Newswire)

It was a busy month of May for middleweight prospect Ian Green.  Some might say maintaining a grueling training regimen in his quest to become the middleweight champion of the world is enough to keep this 21 year old phenom busy.  Not Ian!

Ian’s life outside the ring is equally important to him.  The month of May marked Ian’s completion of his first semester at Passaic County Community College where he is pursuing a degree in business.  He proudly finished this semester with a 3.0 grade point average.  In the midst of his training and studies Ian still devotes his Monday and Friday mornings to the senior citizens of his home city of Paterson, NJ where he volunteers at the Department of Senior Services.

Ian’s life and his commitment to his community sparked the interest of the ABC television show “Sports Stars of Tomorrow.”  The shows producer and crew visited Ian at his gym on May 13th and he will be the first boxer to ever be featured on the show when the segment airs later this summer.

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Golden Glove Boxer Talks About Diet and Performance

I had the absolute pleasure of sitting down with New Jersey-native professional boxer “Young General” Ian Green to talk about how nutrition impacts his role as a champion boxer.

Ian is a 21-year-old, two-time Golden Glove-winner, who fights in the middleweight class and is currently competing for his next championship. According to his N.J.-based management team Kran Sports and Entertainment, Ian is focused, determined and has the world of boxing at his fingertips.

I’ve become fascinated with Ian and his incredible story of becoming a tremendously talented prospect in the sport of boxing. He has succeeded professionally, and he credits his commitment to health and wellness as a contributing factor to his achievements.

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