Young General

If life is a series of challenges, Ian Green is the man made to meet them.
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The Future of the Middleweight Division

Ian "Young General" Green in on a path to become middleweight champion of the world.

Origin Of 'Young General'

Everyone called Ian’s dad “general” and ever since his passing Ian chose to adopt the name and continue his legacy by being a powerful person in the community and creating opportunities for others.

A Great Team

Ian’s potential is limitless thanks to trainer Dwyke Flemmings and the management team at Kran Sports

Ian & Kran Sports

“I appreciate the opportunity given to me by Kran Sports to be able to showcase my talent” (IG).


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About Ian

After a challenging boyhood, Ian has found a clear direction to be the best boxer he can!

ian-fatherWith his father in prison for all of his childhood, Ian grew up with his mother and sister in the rough, low-rent and in-your-face city of Paterson, New Jersey. By the time he finished high school most of his friends had run afoul of the law at least once and many were in jail. A lot of the folks around Ian expected him to meet the same fate — “like father, like son,” is what most thought. Ian had other plans. On frequent visits to see his father, a young Ian was taught from the start that prison was no place for any sort of life.

He credits his father with giving him a clear sense of right and wrong and for pushing him to find a purpose and work towards it. The elder Green made clear in no uncertain terms that every decision on his path to a prison cell had been his choice, his responsibility and his mistake. He made sure his son knew how to choose better. Ian’s uncle also helped steer him in the right direction.

As a trainer at a Paterson boxing gym, he started bringing Ian along after school just to keep him out of trouble. Trouble seemed to find Ian. He was always in the way, running wild, curious and impulsive.His presence in the gym started to become a nuisance and when he was ten his uncle was given a choice – start Ian on boxing lessons or to leave him at home.

oldgym The choice was obvious. For the next four years, Ian’s life meant school with a rough-and-tumble bunch of friends, home with his sister and mother and hours each day at the gym with his uncle and a crowd of older boxers and trainers to watch, to learn from and to be inspired by. When Ian was fourteen he moved in with his just-released father and his mother and sister moved to Georgia. This transition was a crucial time in Ian’s development.

Though it could have been destructive for the father and son, both remained committed to keeping Ian on the right path and making the right choices. Instead of imploding, Ian flourished, continuing his boxing training while also running track and playing basketball and football at Paterson Catholic High School. A year passed, and Ian went into the 2012 Golden Gloves tournament with an amateur record of 14-6. He scored the first stoppage in his career with a second round victory during the semifinals, putting him once again in the final round and once again squaring off against John Magda.

This was his third time facing this opponent after two losses, including the one at the previous year’s Golden Gloves. Despite his stronger mental state and his increasing endurance, Ian lost his form over the course of the fight and eventually lost the match. READ MORE

 Details, Age: 21,Residence:Paterson New Jersey, Division: Middleweight, Record:11-1 (9 KOs), US Ranking:29, Height:6’0″, Weight: 160 lbs., Manager: Kran Sports & Entertainment Management, Trainer:Dwyke Flemmings

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Boxing Along the Beltway: Green stops Womack in Round 1

In another six-rounder, "The Young General" Ian Green of Paterson, NJ scored an easy first-round knockout over Kevin "The Scarecrow" Womack of Baltimore, MD. Green used a counter right hand to drop Womack to his knees. Womack stayed on his knees for the entire 10-count. Green is now 11-1, nine KO's while Womack drops to 7-14-3, five KO's. To read

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